Watts (chipotle) wrote,

It's Sunday morning. Do you know where your brain is?

I didn't hear back from the recruiter who contacted me Thursday in e-mail and by phone on Friday. On indirect comments she made I tweaked the tech-writing résumé master a little more, separating out duties I had at past jobs to show aspects that could be considered technical writing tasks. I also went through a long resume process on "Guru.com" registering for a "User Experience Designer" position; while I suspect I sound a little underpowered for it, the company's working on an Applicant Tracking System--what I wrote at Linvatec. I'll see if they call back.

The cold I thought I might be getting I definitely have, although it's not too serious (yet?)--it's just present enough to be annoying.

My uneven creative energy seems to have been sucked back into online roleplaying for a time, particularly in letting a kitsune character out and about more than she has been in past months. Kitsune have become sort of odd fan icons in recent times, much of their portrayal coming out of Japanese cartoons, American fantasy novels, or roleplaying games that essentially invent a "kitsune culture" the way they might for elves, dwarves or space-aliens. Which is fine, but it means a lot of people playing kitsune have no idea what they were actually like in the Japanese folk tales they come from. You won't find kitsune being connected to the elements as if they were divided into water spirits, air spirits and the like. You also won't find an elaborate hierarchy in kitsune court with the number of tails indicating rank or age--with only one or two exceptions, you won't find mention of multiple tails at all, and the only courts you'll see are human. Kitsune stories are not like samurai epics, full of seriousness and honor; they're like American Indian stories of Coyote, full of tricks, dubious morality and quick endings which may bring a smile or a shiver but might not bring a resolution. Like Coyote, the kitsune seem to alternate between hero, villain and victim.

Having said all that, I don't think my kitsune lives up to the folk tales, either; she is, after all, me, and thus subject to my whims and foibles. But when I'm in the right mindset she's awfully fun to play--always charming and polite, to the point where those who aren't keeping up may not notice she's insulted them, and so refined and restrained that she's able to genuinely startle people with a hint of feralness.

On another front, I'm still looking for a word processor for Mac OS X that I genuinely like. I don't like Microsoft Word--but unfortunately it really is the best native word processor. If I could find a text formatting program that would do manuscripts gracefully, I'd be tempted to just use BBEdit, but most text formatting programs don't do manuscripts gracefully: they do typesetting, which isn't the same thing at all. I'm waiting for Nisus Writer X to exist so I can try it; in the meantime I'm using Nisus Writer 6.5, which is a little weird but fascinating. I'm hoping the OS X port gets rid of some of the unnecessary weirdness while keeping some of the good ideas--it lets you mark paragraph formatting changes in the margins with rulers and name the rulers, kind of a primitive version of style sheets that turns out to be much faster to use and change with their interface. Hopefully the X version changes it to be a full style sheet without changing the UI. (Most of the rest of the program's UI won't honestly be missed if it changes.)

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