Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Belated updates

The Christmas holiday went well. I'm not sure what to say about it; it was quiet and a little maudlin somehow, but comfortable. It was wonderful to see both local Tampa friends and my mother again. As she's observed, it was the longest time I'd spent at her place in years--the times we'd spent a week or so together throughout most of the 90s were on vacations.

I'm taking the job hunt easy this week, although I do have to find a couple places to send out résumés to. I'm working on doing a new résumé that, as I've been saying, proclaims "I be a writer." It's a conundrum: while everyone who knows me seems to agree that with my dual background of writing/editing experience and computer work, I'd be a great technical writer, my work history only shows four months with the words "technical writer" in my title.

I'm also trying to get back into cooking a bit more; I made a chicken casserole last night as an experiment, and was surprised by having not only Revar and Tugrik home but having Farix, Dusty and Frang appear. Fortunately the experiment was successful--Frang demurred ("I'm not a casserole person") but the others who tried it approved. (I'm not always a casserole person myself, so I understand Frang's reticence.) I could follow pretty much the same recipe for a good chicken a la king, too. This morning I did hash browns that almost worked but had my typical case of Undercooked Potato Syndrome--although only just barely this time. I can figure out what I did wrong, at least!

I know this is the canonical time to set resolutions for the new year. I don't know if I have any, though. I can't resolve to have a new job, and I'm reticent to resolve things like "write more," "learn Java," etc. The resolution I'd like to follow is simpler, even pithy: accomplish at least one thing I feel good about every day. That might be writing, it might be cleaning, it might be learning Java. It might be making good hash browns. It may sound silly, but I wonder how many people really go to bed each night with a feeling of accomplishment, no matter how small. It's surprising how much better I feel on the nights that I do.

Whether you make resolutions or not--and whether you keep them or not--happy new year.

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