Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Home for the holiday

I'm in the San Jose airport before a flight to Dallas and then on to Orlando. I wasn't able to get a flight that stayed over a weekend, bizarrely (perhaps I should have just bit the bullet and gotten one that cost another $150 and had the best dates, but too late now).

Going back to Florida will probably feel hot more than anything. After just a couple weeks out here I've been finding a t-shirt and windbreaker jacket comfortable even in the low 50s. I'm frequently less bundled up than the natives I see, which is amusing.

I've gotten very few presents for people this year--only a few for my mother and one for her girlfriend. I'm trying not to feel cheap, but compared to past years I am. Of course, in past years I was employed. It adds to the odd feeling I've had for a while of having gone back in time to my post-dropout drifting days.

More later.

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