Watts (chipotle) wrote,

One down

The company doing the life sciences search engine emailed me back to let me know they'd hired someone else, a contractor they'd worked with previously. Oh well. I haven't heard back from the home networking company; I'm not particularly optimistic about getting it, but we'll see. There are more positions I should have applied for today that I'll definitely have to get résumés sent out for tomorrow. (One's at UCSF Health, so the typical "get your resume in an hour after the job is posted or you lose" approach a lot of commercial companies have now doesn't apply.) Thursday I got my trip photos developed, finally, and I pulled out 60 of them for cropping and resizing to be used in the trip journal. And, yes, I'm actually starting to put that together, too, although I doubt it'll be up before the new year. The design looks pretty cool, though, if I do say so myself; I just have to decide if I want to actually make graphic text for all the picture captions (so I can use a handwriting font) or if I'll come to my senses.

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