Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Most of my stuff is still in boxes in the garage. I'll start unpacking the essentials this week. Like more clothes and clothes-hangers. I think some of the stacking the movers did is--well, not precarious, but not well thought-out, with small boxes supporting large boxes. Or even stacks of large boxes.

This week I also hope to kick myself into getting to a photo store to see about developing the film from the road trip. I'm sure someone in the area has a Fuji Frontier minilab; among the Frontier's other talents, it's a good film scanner, so I could get images back in hours rather than days.

My email is down, because ranea.org is down. It's down because Agii, the machine it's hosted on, blew its power supply and apparently its motherboard. Since Agii is a friend's machine and I'm getting hosting for free I'm not going to beat on him to fix it any faster than he can; there's still a few nail-biting moments involved here, though. Just before Agii went down, my phone picked up email from someone I'd sent a résumé out to saying that they might get back to me by the end of the week. My phone was down over the weekend, too, due to Cingular's wonderful cell phone network out here; it seems to have finally came back.

And, yes, I decided to go to the closest Chipotle restaurant and check them out. I'm obligated to, right? Seriously, it was a pretty good lunch--one of the best burritos I've had. Hurrah for upscale fast food.

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