Watts (chipotle) wrote,

I'm still waiting for my possessions to arrive. In theory, they'll be here on the 4th now.

Thanksgiving was spent over at Frang's, and was Cajun-themed, with the centerpiece being a turducken (recently mentioned in Gen's journal)--a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a cornish game hen. They're all deboned except for leaving the turkey legs and wings attached, so it looks like a slightly deflated normal turkey when served. And it was pretty darn good. All the side dishes were, too.

Saturday, I was taken on an excursion by Shaterri and a friend up through Pacifica to San Francisco's "Japantown" area--with a stop at an excellent sushi place in the Japan Center--and then on to Berkeley and Emeryville. Naturally I made mental note of a couple places to come back and try when I have money--notably another Japanese restaurant called Maki.

And of course I've been driving myself--through the San Jose and Los Gatos areas, around the hills on twisty canyon roads, down to Gilroy and up to Sonoma. (Stopping in an independent grocery store in Sonoma is, if you're a foodie, nearly a religious experience. I may go back for the cheese alone.)

On the more practical side of life, I've updated my profile on Dice, the job-seeking site, and I'm going to be trying to hook up with one of Tugrik's friends and former boss. I've also discovered that Bank of America won't let me deposit at their ATMs here, even though I'm a Bank of America customer: I'll need to open a new account out here to do that. Grr.

Sometime this week I need to get my film from the trip to a photo store, too. I have ideas for the web site I want to produce about it; I'll just have to see if I can make them work...

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