Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Bumbling along

On the good side, I'm able to drive again, I've replaced my glasses, and I'm getting somewhat more settled in. On the downside, yesterday at a Border's in Los Gatos, I successfully dropped my Sidekick while it was open on the edge of the screen and it took just the right bounce to shatter the display, even though it fell on carpet. As you might guess, this torqued me off. A lot. I've always been a little fumble-fingered but this is excessive; of course, I was holding it with my right hand, the one attached to the injured shoulder, and it's possible my reaction time was slower. Even so, it's another expense I could have done without--but doing without the cell phone isn't an option.

Yesterday the sky stopped being overcast and today it looks blue and clear, and it's predicted to be unseasonably warm. I am going to thumb my nose at the ongoing string of bad luck by driving today just to see some of the area. At some point I need to make a grocery list; I need to get back to actual cooking for financial reasons alone. And Tugrik has a pretty cool kitchen, even if figuring out how to clear off the countertops might be a challenge. (I'm realizing how much the Watermark apartment spoiled me in that respect--there was just a lot of counter space there, more so than in several homes I've seen.)

When I get back I'll likely do some more job applying. Nothing new that I'm quite qualified for on Craig's List today but I may apply at a UC Berkeley position or two. It looks like UCB would be a 90-minute commute from here (just over an hour Yahoo! time, which would be optimistic), which would really suck--although I suspect there's cheap-for-the-region housing around campus, and it'd be a great opportunity to get back into school.

My résumé on Monster is getting a few hits, even though I've purposefully severely limited it with a "Mac/FreeBSD Web Developer" title and claiming my target company is a small non-profit. That's not entirely true--I'd be happy to work at a for-profit place doing something interesting. I'd like one in a field that could plausibly be said to have an environmental or social benefit. The occasional "webmaster for a forest service" or "tech guy for the wolf research center" type position might well be ideal, but the location system for emergency services to pinpoint cell phones that Tugrik's company is working on fits the bill. Unfortunately, Monster doesn't allow me to specify a target company as "small and doing something valuable and service-oriented, regardless of field." But, I figure any for-profit company scared off by my target company listing is probably not one I'd be a great fit at anyway. Everything I've learned about job hunting tells me that specificity works better than casting a wide net. ("I want a job as a consumer credit analyst at a financial services company in Santa Clara County" is better than "I want a job as an accountant"; even though the latter sounds like it's keeping your options open, it means you're always behind the people who sound like they want that job rather than any job.), Also, on a bloated system like Monster, narrowcasting may generate more contacts from those who actually view my info.

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