Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Welcome to California?

Well, it certainly wasn't an auspicious entrance into the state, was it? I knew there'd be a number of "firsts" for me on this trip: my first time driving on mountain and canyon roads, my first view of the Grand Canyon, my first trip along Route 66. I didn't plan on adding first bone-related injury, first time calling 911 on myself, first ride in an ambulance, first time getting a morphine IV drip.

I was given an "arm immobilizer" sling--basically a band you wear about your waist that has velcro cuffs for your upper arm and wrist to hold them in place--and told I shouldn't move my shoulder for "a few days to a week," depending on who did the talking. Even though the dislocation was fixed at the hospital, the theory is that the ligaments are stretched and until they recover it'd be easier to dislocate the shoulder again, which I can now conclusively state would really, really suck. By yesterday (Thursday), it was becoming clear that most of the pain I felt was coming from arm bruises being exacerbated by the bands and by muscle stiffness. Today I'm not wearing it, but I'm keeping my arm relaxed and taking it generally easy. It'll go back on tonight, when I suspect I'd be in most danger of flopping around and doing uncontrolled damage. I'll see how I feel by tomorrow with respect to driving.

And, I have to find an orthopedic specialist to visit somewhere in this area for insurance purposes. And get my Primary Care Physician changed to someone in this area.

Wednesday I was mostly miserable and Thursday was uneven; I'm sorry to anyone I may have snapped at. I certainly haven't been bright and cheerful company, online or off. Today is on a more even keel as I go about the rest of the business of address changes--updating creditors, and starting to take care of moving costs and insurance updates. (Evidently there will be medical bills following me as companies try to straighten out my insurance mess. This in addition to any new bills and copayments in my future from the fall. Whee.) My finances feel shaky subjectively, but I suspect if I restart my "conserve or else" mindset from August and September and restart the careful tracking spreadsheets I'll get by. This is the first time I finally dipped into savings, though--and not far enough into it to pay off all the moving debts yet. It pains me that I'm going to be coming up on Christmas with little to no money for presents; I'll see if I can come up with a few small ones for my mother but I imagine everyone else is getting cards. (Which reminds me, I should get more addresses from people.)

Next week I'll go about the rest of the business of moving: getting a California driver's license and auto registration, and seeing about changing my auto insurance, which I'm expecting to really hurt. And, of course, starting to look for a job. That's actually already started today with another application to Apple, this time for an entry-level technical writing position.

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