Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Should I take the left turn?

Stopping for breakfast at the art deco 66 Diner here in Albuquerque. I put down for the night in Santa Rosa, New Mexico; most of the trip has been on the interstate but I hop onto the old road when I can. This included five miles through dust and gravel. Ack.

While this place is too nostalgia-conscious, the food is good and it achieves my goal of having green chile for breakfast. (Last night was carne adovado at Joseph's, a real Route 66 icon.) And the coffee here is surprisingly good.

I don't know how far I'll get today; I plan to stop and look at Acoma before heading to Arizona. I have a couple detours there i'd like to make, although I'm starting to feel more time-conscious again. The week point is two days away. Time to use a friendly motel guest laundry.

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