Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Route 66

I'm back on the cell network briefly in Amarillo. Last night was a blitzkrieg run up US-83, a somewhat harrowing journey in the dark, particulalry with the kamikaze stag leaping out.

After an overnight in Childress, I've made it to the fabled Route 66--what's left of it, at least, bits and pieces parallel to I-40. It's picturesque but sad in most places. Amarillo's section is the first vibrant one I've seen, and that's simply because Amarillo itself is quite alive rather than being a bypassed ghost town. They say the interstate killed Route 66; if it did, it was I-20, not I-40. The traffic along I-40 is so light I can only suspect travelers are bypassing this part of the country now, not merely towns.

Lunch is almost over. I don't expect wireless service again until Albuquerque, where I may end up sleeping tonight. Although I won't push much past dark again!
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