Watts (chipotle) wrote,


With few exceptions, my possessions are all in boxes awaiting the mover who called and said he'd be here "within the hour." I'm wondering if all these boxes--and the furniture and bed--will really fit in a single Public Storage cargo pod. According to two on-site estimators, both the volume and the weight should fit with room to spare, but it's difficult not to be paranoid.

Kim has an interview this morning for a job he's dubious about. I'll likely be hanging around here until he gets back from the interview, then heading out, although it's possible I'll head out earlier. I'm waiting on a final load of laundry with clothes that are intended to go with the movers--who I'd really expected to be here in the hour after the hour they're apparently targeting. It's a bit of a race.

Last night we had a "final" dinner at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company, a brewpub that's become a regular stop for the local group over the last couple of years. I was in good spirits then. This morning I'm back to feeling maudlin--at the moment very heavily--but I know this will pass.

I'll be keeping a photo journal on the trip, to be put online in some fashion after I arrive in San José. I don't know if I'll backdate LiveJournal entries, or put the entire thing up in some other fashion with a link from LJ. I'll be checking in from the road when I can, though, via the Sidekick for shorter "real time" entries. My route takes me through a lot of areas that are far, far away from the nearest GSM coverage points, but there are a few major areas along the way (Shreveport, Dallas, Albuquerque) where coverage may show up. (I can't be sure they'll have GPRS, the data component of GSM, available in those towns.)

I'll see you all on the other coast--and maybe along the way.

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