Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Résumé work

Yes, it's résumé updating time again! Since I'm technically back on unemployment (at least, I hope I am), next week I must start job-hunting in order to keep getting benefits. ("But wait," you ask, "aren't you going to be on the road next week?" Yes, but we'll burn that bridge when we come to it.)

I've updated my portfolio at http://www.ranea.org/design/ and I'd like anyone who has a few free minutes to poke through it, particularly the page about Linvatec, and give me feedback. I'm currently updating the résumé that's linked there, too. At the moment the résumé doesn't appear anywhere else; I'm figuring I'll start posting it around when I get to California. If you have suggestions about job boards (recommendations and anti-recommendations), and job hunting tactics in general, I'd also like to know.

For the record, my tentative plan is to get in touch with the Kelly IT office in San José, to tug on the tails of various local friends out there about any work--full-time, part-time, permanent, contract, whatever--their employers or vendors might have, and to try to seek out employers directly through their websites (or even physical offices). I'll probably make my résumé available again on Monster for at least a month, although if it doesn't get any contacts other than the annoying M.A.R.S. spam (if you've used the service, you probably know what I mean), I'll take it down again. I'll be searching DICE and Dusty suggested I search HotJobs, too, and I'll definitely be checking out Craig's List daily: they seem to get a fair amount of oddball work including a lot of nonprofits and community groups which I'd be interested in helping. And I won't mind going somewhat far afield for work; I've been doing 45+ minute commutes for nearly two years now, and while I'd rather get out of the habit, for interesting work I could keep it up a bit.

My plan is also to not get uptight if I can't find work until after the new year; this is a bad season to job-hunt, but it's an "if life hands you lemons" deal for me. I won't have a high income, but I'll have time to explore my new surroundings.

(N.B.: I've been half-seriously considering offering résumé-writing services to people. I used to help edit/write them at Kinko's, I've done far too much research on them over the last year or so, and I , so I may go ahead and get professional certification in the field and then see if I can get a few friends/acquaintances to get cheap-to-free makeovers so I can build up references. We'll see.)

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