Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Down Time

I'd decided today would be a day of rest. It's proving to be more of one than I'd planned, at the expense of Kim's rest: he attempted to upgrade Agii (the server that, among other things, hosts ranea.org and acts as the LAN's DNS) and the upgrade process of the "SourceMage" Linux distribution he's using broke something. While I technically have network connectivity, I can't get out. And, while I'd planned to do a single moving-related task today--call ABF U-Pack and ask for information about when their freight terminals are open--they don't answer their phones except on weekdays, which may not bode well for operation hours. (While Kim can help me load things on this end during business hours since he's unemployed, too, I doubt Tugrik and Revar have that luxury on the other end. This means that I'd have to arrange for the truck to just be dropped off there for unloading on the other end, a somewhat more expensive option.)

The job at Linvatec came to an end, at least so far happily. No, seriously, I got a lot of good compliments on both quality and speed, delivering more than they'd originally scheduled in the shortest amount of time they'd scheduled. I don't know how much weight this will carry with prospective employers out in San José, but I think it'll be a really positive reference, reinforcing my MySQL, PHP and DHTML skills at a current, "production quality" level. And, ironically enough, Linvatec might be my first job lead--they expressed definite interest in having me do some telecommuting work for them down the road if they can arrange it. (At least one thing their webmaster described--having a web form used to automatically fill out a PDF-based print form--is something I've never even thought about doing, so it could be another peculiar challenge. Maybe an excuse to bump up my Acrobat skills?)

Last night I went to see Toxic Audio, the Orlando acapella group John Cooner introduced me to earlier this year, and it turned out to be the release party for their new CD, "Chemistry." This was a great going-away present. (And it had the song "Easter Island Head" on it! Yay! "I want a head like the heads you see on Easter Island...")

Tonight is the (last?) annual birthday dinner, which I think I'd written about before. This year we're moving from Bern's Steak House to Charley's Steak House. Those of you who fly frequently may occasionally see little display ads in in-flight magazines listing the "Top 10 Independent Steak Houses in America"; Charley's shows up frequently, listed in their original location of Orlando.

Well, since starting writing this, the network issues were resolved, and I really should get out and do something. Fall is making its second attempt to start in Tampa Bay and it's a pleasant day (if Kim wasn't the sort who considers 75 degrees to be cold, I'd have the windows open). I'm toying with the idea of going to Pak-Mail and saying, "You ship anything, right? I have these furniture items that need to go to San José..." and seeing if the guy behind the counter falls over laughing.

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