Watts (chipotle) wrote,


Yes, as others have observed, it's my birthday. It doesn't feel like it, peculiar as that comment may be. I'm too busy. Just two more days left on the contract, mostly days of testing and documenting--and ideally a few minutes of of screen capturing, so I can add this job to my portfolio.

On the moving front, I've lined up times to get estimates from Paul Arpin and Supreme, and want to see about getting estimates from Allied and Mayflower. I've heard good things about all but Supreme, which I haven't heard anything bad about. At the moment between those I'm a bit biased toward Paul Arpin because they'll let me pay with a credit card--but only Supreme has given me a ballpark estimate so far, and my suspicion is that it's irrationally low.

I'm seriously tempted by ABF U-Pack, which will be both inexpensive and inconvenient--the inconvenience weighed against the company's evidently very high reliability and low fudge factor. They're not a moving company, per se, they're a freight transport company. You pack your own stuff (as the name implies), put up a bulkhead, ABF loads the rest of the trailer with their normal cargo and off it goes. I haven't found any horror stories about them, and in theory a lot of the incentive for movers to be crooked goes away in this scenario: no local agents, no storage facilities, you know how much trailer space you're taking up because you loaded it and you have the price per "linear foot" up front. You do have to buy/rent packing supplies and equipment that would come with full-service movers--tarps, pads, loading ramps--but even so, the estimate I got from them is pretty tempting.

Although I'd have to get all my stuff to the freight terminal here, and then out of the one in San José to Tugrik's. How much is not having to do that going to be worth to me? Hmm.

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