Watts (chipotle) wrote,


It's an odd situation--I'm counting down to leaving, yet I don't quite know what the clock's at.

Kim talked with the realtors today and the condo's going on the market; they expect to be able to sell it within two months.

I'm going to re-research professional moving costs to see if I can get a few solid quotes and time frames, and start making more serious swipes at planning the Grand Road Trip. I want to figure out a schedule that gets me in a day or two ahead of my stuff, at least, and I'm expecting to spend at least a week on the trip. And I need to clamp down on spending again: for practical purposes, I don't have any money to blow from now on. I still don't know how my short-term employment is going to affect my unemployment check when it resumes, either. (Will I still technically be a Kelly IT Services employee, even though I'm not getting a paycheck?)

Grumbles about Netscape 4 aside (and they've been resolved in the best possible way, by having the client agree to use modern browsers with my application), the work at Linvatec has still been great. Yes, it's actually possible to enjoy what you're doing, get paid well, and have it all be legal. When I make it to San José, I'll definitely be looking to register with temp agencies and consulting services. They may not go anywhere, but you never know.

I'll also be scouring around for non-profits and environmental groups. Hey, they need tech guys too (sometimes desperately), and I'd be willing to work comparatively cheaply, particularly while I'm underemployed. Call me crazy, but I like the feeling of actually helping people. My past jobs had glimpses of that, but sporadically at best. (The current contract work, in a way, does have it; while obviously Linvatec's a for-profit company, my position isn't a nebulous "help the company make money" role, but is rather a specific task to solve a problem for the HR group. My suspicion is that I'll be happiest in a role where either my specific task or the group's overall mission is some kind of problem-solving.)

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