Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Happy Easter and near tax day. Since the last update I did indeed break down and buy Dramatica Pro, the brainstorming and story construction package, and it's running on Habanero (my iBook). What I've been calling "The Dragon Story" is slowly being fed into it--slowly because the software is making me stop and think about what I need to think about if I'm going to turn this from a neat concept into a novel. Is the software going to help me focus enough to get the novel actually written? Stay tuned, I suppose.</p>

On the web front, I'm also digging through older stories and trying to get ones ready for upload here, like I said I would, oh, months and months ago. Hopefully on the next update I'll report that I've managed to get my homeless-but-still-hopefuls out to other prospective buyers, too. If The Dragon Story actually gets written it'd be nice to be able to send it out to publishers with at least one previous professional sale.


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