Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Another Hiptop quickie

While I told myself not to keep doing this, Linvatec's IS group is working on the network again and I can't test anything that I've been working on. So.

The brief bout of Fall temperatures--at least by Florida standards--appears to be over. It was in the mid-70s when I left for work this morning before 8:00. Have I mentioned that this is a part of the state that I won't miss?

Things went well with mom yesterday--quite well. We spent most of the day together and I think she may even help me with expenses for the road trip west. This isn't to say she isn't upset in some ways (as she would put it, she's already grieving) but it's something she'd like to be able to do. She chastized me a little for only planning to do this over one week instead of two.

I don't say it often enough: I have a pretty cool mom.

Despite grumps with IS' timing, work is also going well. My only concern is getting too far ahead of schedule and running out of work too early. No, I wouldn't mind heading out on the road trip a week early or hving more time to coordinate moving my furniture out there, but another week of pay would sure be nice.

Last but not least I'm considering moving my journal off the front page of my website. For LJ readers this would be no change at all; it'd be an extra click for anyone reading it at ranea.org. This is, I'll be honest, an element of mild paranoia on my part; employers do sometimes put candidates' names into search engines, and getting Too Much Information can be a problem. I'd rather it not be made quite that easy--granted, they only have to give a second glance rather than a first, but that's as far as I can realistically go anyway at this point.

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