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I went out on a quasi-random drive today--as my friend David pointed out, I won't be able to do that too much longer in this state. As I was driving about--some 100 miles north of here by that point--a friend sent me an SMS message asking if I'd gone to Bay Street. Bay Street's a place at International Plaza that's having a food festival. I went to it yesterday to meet my mom and her girlfriend--

Oh, yes, that meeting. It went pretty well, all things considered. She wasn't happy that I seemed set on not taking the three-moves-in-four-months route; the tacit compromise, I think, is that if it looks like Kim can stay here, I'll stay here through Christmas (although I'll intend to head out before New Year's to keep to my vaguely superstitious thought that I need to be in motion before year's end), and if not, I'll head out and we'll try to arrange some kind of get-together for the holidays regardless. I don't know if she realized I was serious about flying back from San José for a few days around Christmas. Naturally, Christmas is at an inconvenient time this year should I actually get a job--a Wednesday, which maximizes the days away from any work I'd find. But I'll burn that bridge when I come to it, right?

--so anyway, Kim sent me this SMS message and I tried to reply, but the VisorPhone froze. Strictly speaking, the Visor itself froze. You can't unfreeze it without taking out the batteries and letting it power down completely, losing all its data, or unless you have a paperclip to reach the hidden reset button. This isn't a problem with the Visor, it's a problem with the VisorPhone: it crashes the PDA. All the time.

But this was a particularly inconvenient time and it frustrated the hell out of me, and I started banging on the thing in irritation. Naturally, this broke something--that something being the top eighth or so of the screen. Naturally, if you're going to lose any part of the screen, that's the worst part, because that's where all the informational messages and application menus tend to show up.

I try not to be too profane in here, but shit, that annoys me. Knowing it's my own fault for losing my temper just annoys me further. And to do it as I've shifted to using the cell phone as my primary phone--brilliant!

To add a level of irony to that, I'd actually wanted to replace the unit for a while because, well, the VisorPhone sucks teabags. I'd considered getting the Hiptop, the little gadget now marketed as the T-Mobile Sidekick, but put it off when I got laid off. I'd considered getting one before the road trip to California but had decided, just today, after doing some overdue checkbook reconciliation (and wincing at the results), that I'd have to consider it an unnecessary expense for the time being.

After all, I already had a cell phone.

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