Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Coyote spirits

I've been watching Kim be bounced back and forth from "you likely have a job" to "you don't likely have a job" and various stages in between. Things are now suddenly much more at the "you don't likely have a job" point. The number of people they were going to keep at the office has been cut in half (this after the two-thirds reduction they'd been talking about, so now it's a five-sixths reduction). Kim isn't part of the group that's definitely staying, so--if I'm following right--the only thing that could save the position is if his project gets picked up by another division at Lucent. That sounds entirely possible, but, again to me, it sounds very unlikely that such a position would happen here--unless they let him work chiefly through telecommuting he'd have to relocate to wherever another development team was.

The "all staff" meeting is a week from today.

Today, Kim is bringing a realtor through the condo.

I described this to a friend and observed that it may end up tilting things in favor not only of moving out to California ASAP but sending for my stuff immediately afterward--staying here for the holidays does require a place for both me and my furniture. The friend observed, "You do have a coyote spirit watching over you."

Off to work. I have a half-hour to make the 24-minute commute, but it sometimes takes 40 minutes. (The rant about Pinellas County's street design is for another day, though.)

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