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Domestic life, coyote style

I've been working on the database schema for Linvatec's résumé tracking system. It's proving interesting--no, really. I've had database systems on my own résumé for years, but this is the first real opportunity to dig into them from this level. Thursday was installing new versions of MySQL and PHP, Friday was setting up administration utilities and starting the schema design, and Monday was tweaking that and doing a little real implementation. Today involved bringing up the rest of the database with an SQL script and populating the static tables (at least with what I know so far).

Sunday I bought the book Managing & Using MySQL and I read the section on (basic) database design theory. Happily enough, the schema I came up with by applying what I'd learned in practice over the years matched the proper theory pretty closely--my design was already "normalized," and I just tweaked some of the table and field names to match convention. Since I suspect people assume I already know all this stuff, I couldn't very well leap up and exclaim, "Great! I got it right!" but the feeling was definitely there.

Today was my first attempt at cooking in Kim's kitchen; I stopped by an Albertson's near him on the way home and picked up stuff that looked like it'd make a credible chicken stew. It did, although I've already made a list of changes to make on the next attempt. Even though it was a one-pot meal I suspect it's the most intense cooking action the place has seen in a while, and I'm told that when I heated the bread that might have been the first time the oven's been used since Kim's lived here.

Speaking of "on the way home," the commute to work is usually just under a half-hour, but the commute back today was about 45 minutes (just to the Albertson's). It takes as long to drive 13 miles here as it took to drive 20. I like a lot of things about Pinellas County, but workday traffic isn't one of them. US 19 is a nationally notorious road, and I have the pleasure of driving through some of the most dangerous intersections in the country to and from work. Blarg.

I also went home on Sunday. It was a nice visit. The predicted pressure to stay through the holidays has already started, though. I'll have to think on it. December isn't a good time to be looking for work, and despite my suggestions that my mother just come out to the San José area for Christmas I don't know that she'd be able to take me up for it. Yet for some reason it feels vitally important I actually make the move in 2002, not merely commit to it.

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