Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Touching down for a while

The move was finished on Monday. I returned the truck and drove back to my (former) apartment and did as much cleaning as I could tolerate, picking up another carload of collected junk. Then I said my goodbyes to the folks at the leasing office, who made it clear they'd be happy to have me back if I ever ended up in the area again. I ate lunch at "J.R.'s Floribbean Barbecue," one of those hole-in-the-wall places I'll miss.

I made it back to Kim's at 5:00. Kim gets home about that time, and was already there. He'd been told by his boss that Lucent was slashing development of the project he's on. They're shutting down all the work on it at branch offices. Including his. So barring an unexpected status change--being asked to stay to work on an older, surviving project, which doesn't seem likely--he'll be laid off.

Probably, he'll be out of work before my contract at Linvatec is over, presuming that contract goes according to plan.

Well, I visited Kelly IT Services today and filled out paperwork, and soon I'll be off for lunch and to find batteries for my ailing Handspring Visor. This is important, since the Visor is becoming my main phone. I'll eat lunch out, but maybe I'll get groceries and go back on the "eating dinners at home" program. Cooking in Kim's kitchen will be an adventure; it's abundantly clear the kitchen is more storage facility than food preparation center.

Incidentally, the lady at the U-Haul center I returned the truck to said they'd been short on trucks over most of Florida going on two months now. "People are doing one-way moves out of Florida," she said, "and not many are doing one-way moves to Florida to bring the trucks back."

Sounds like a good plan, it does. New tentative plan: stay here through Thanksgiving (depending on contract success) and make my own one-way move, sans U-Haul, in early December. This likely cuts out tripping along Route 66, but, hey. I'll live.

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