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At this point just about the only "knick-knacks"--now defined as "small things that should be carried off in boxes"--are the bathroom supplies and bottles of liquor, oil and vinegar in the kitchen. The stereo is still connected but won't be for much longer--the receiver should be packed up, and tomorrow I'll be leaving for Kim's too early to do that work then. (The plan is for me to drive to his place, leave my car there, and then have him drive me to the U-Haul place out here by my apartment.) So tonight I'll just have the alarm clock radio and internet radio via the PowerBook, and the latter only over the laptop's tiny internal speakers, since other speakers are packed already.

Today's plan is to pack a final odds-and-ends box and to finish doing laundry and finding places to pack up the overflow: the single huge bin assigned to clothes and linens isn't huge enough, but I have a spare box. I've ended up with too many boxes which are essentially "none of the aboves" and one huge box I've dubbed the Big Box of Doom, stacked with small kitchen appliances I'll have to try to rearrange more gracefully, but things have worked out acceptably. Predictably, even. A friend said "you've been packing forever" to me online the other day, and it does feel that way, but I'm probably going to avoid the last-minute packing panic blues. Whether replacing that with constant low-level angst for a month was a fair tradeoff can, of course, be debated.

Right now the apartment looks the way it might if I'd just moved in. No pictures or calendars remain on the walls. Furniture is set up but empty: a CD rack with no CDs, a computer desk with a monitor and a disconnected tower but nothing else, an entertainment center with unused racks. No plates and only plastic utensils, a kitchen in which only the microwave is usable, boxes scattered about and a vacuum cleaner sitting to the side looking as prominent as a floor lamp. A place that could be a home, but isn't yet--or in this case, isn't any longer.

The last few days I've been moving boxes to Kim's, and he's offered to come over to help me move things today. I don't know that I'll have to take him up on that--there is a moving truck coming, after all, and we can move fragile unboxed things--the TV, the computer--in Kim's station wagon tomorrow.

Beyond that, I'm waiting for word from Kelly IT about the Linvatec position. You know I'm ambivalent on that--either way it goes, it'll be fine. (In fact, I'm increasingly suspecting I'm rooting against myself.)

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