Watts (chipotle) wrote,

After the interview

I think it went pretty well. I'm not a great judge of these things, from past experience, but there were no bad vibes. (Those, I can pick up on.) In theory I'll hear something back this week.

It's occurred to me--several times--that I wouldn't be upset if the position didn't happen. It might make things somewhat simpler, in a perverse way; evidently one of Tugrik's housemates has a friend who needs a place to crash for a few months, and if said friend is sleeping in the spare room, that means I couldn't. Maybe said friend would be in and out before the contract's up--Murphy's law suggests that won't be the case, though. This is nothing that can't be worked through with relatively minimal hassle, it just makes things--interesting.

It does mean that while I'm determined to make my cross-country trip chiefly on highways rather than interstates, I'm not likely to be heading north enough to take real mountain passes--something best done in fall or spring, not winter. Part of me would like to take US-50, but that'd add a lot of miles and hours to the trip--and it'd also mean I wouldn't come up through L.A., which I'd like to do so I can visit Dusty and Company. I'll either follow US-80's route all the way across to San Diego, or just take it out to Texas, head up US-83, then across on (the old route of) US-66. The US-80 route would be easier, but the other way is, well, Route 66. But driving it in December might be hairy. (And in either case, sleeping in the car might be out in December. It'll be hard enough to get comfortable without it dropping well below freezing outside.)

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