Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Foolish late night update

I got word back from Kelly IT Services today on the contract position; the company wants me in for an interview next Monday. Part of me has gotten to the "oh, never mind" state about this opportunity. If you've made up your mind to move, just move, already, don't delay any longer than you have to! But as I've written before, it'd be nice to take the money from the contract and hack down some debt or build up savings.

Naturally, the interview is the time that I scheduled to finally take the car in to get the SRS sensor repaired.

I've spent the last two days building an RSS/RDF aggregator. This is a new fad on the 'net--sites that have regularly posted articles (like Slashdot, or Flayrah, or for that matter this journal) can "syndicate" content by essentially producing XML files giving the titles, descriptions and URLs to their stories. Aggregators let you select different sites to "subscribe" to, and present the new stories on your subscribed sites in some theoretically easy-to-use format. Why am I writing my own aggregator when there's already a dozen or so out there? Because the aggregators I've seen all, without exception, annoy me. They generally have clunky interfaces (or advertise things like "easy to customize by modifying XML files!"--yeah, that's what most people want to do) and more often than not separate the actual content from the directories they're presenting. It shouldn't launch a browser to read an article, it should be part of the browser.

In theory this is perfect for Mozilla's sidebars, but they're taking their own sweet time in implementing this. It occurred to me that, hey, my laptop runs Apache with PHP--I could write an aggregator in PHP. After finding one (that I also didn't really like), I set out to do one that worked the way I thought aggregators should. Naturally, this is becoming a relatively major project. But it's one I might actually be able to put on my résumé with a straight face--more actual XML work, including XML-RPC (kind of a lightweight SOAP, I'm learning) to allow users to search the syndic8.com servers for syndicated content. Eek!

And the benefits company still hasn't deposited the check for my COBRA benefits continuation. Now comes the headless chicken dance to try to get hold of NetPoodles' quantum HR rep. (She's a nice person, she's just not there most of the time.)

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