Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Belatedly, I've put another story on my web site, "Shattered Stone." I'd prepared it nearly a month ago, but I've been more scatterbrained than usual.</p>

Lately I've found myself thinking about becoming a free agent, so to speak--a completely indepedent contractor. The biggest obstacle to that is that I have the business sense of a boll weevil; I'd need to be making enough to hire an accountant to do all that, well, accounting stuff.

In any case, I'll be waiting to see what's going on with my current employer. My irritation level has subsided from last week, but I'm still in doubt of the company's fundamentals (financials, that is), and still find the direction management wants to move in to be technically unsound, financially incredibly unwise... and most pertinent on a personal level, ethically flawed. At this point I'm just doing minor technology demos relating to this, and that's not a problem. I'll be willing to do things that show just how much this would cost, just how dubious people would be about buying the product, and just what the potential legal implications are. But I won't be willing to work on the actual commercial product if it gets to that stage. I'm not sure how well "quit for ethical reasons" goes over on a resumé. . . .


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