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The friend I'm moving in with at the end of the month just said, "Chipotle, you might want to consider factoring in your plans that if you do make it to California, moving your stuff out by around the end of the year. These proposed Lucent layoffs are pretty significant. I am probably still sure of a job lasting until December, but after that... there's a fair chance they might try to eliminate or move this office. And if they slash 1/3 of the staff and still expect us to make deadlines, I'm probably out of there anyways."

Does this mean I should just hang out here? Or does it mean I should head out to California as soon as possible with the hope that I'll be employed--or at least able to finance the transportation of all my stuff--by December? Which, after I move out of here, will only be three months away.

On the surface, moving and hoping I can have my stuff follow fairly quickly sounds like quite a gamble, but I'm pretty confident I can swing it somehow even without a real income. Conversely, f I stay and my friend does indeed abruptly change not only jobs but houses or even towns, that could leave me with quite a dilemma. Moving my stuff in with my mother--an idea I'd floated with her earlier--doesn't seem to be much of an option.

I'm generally pretty agnostic when it comes to "signs from the fates," but circumstances really are lining up to push me out west, aren't they?

I think the questions now just relate to timing. The last four months of the year are packed with holidays and birthdays and leaving at any point during them will create a certain level of added angst. I've written before that I'm on great terms with my mother and she was on great terms with hers; we've actually never spent a Christmas apart, and I can only recall one Thanksgiving we were apart. With her mother dead and the ex-husband she's remained good friends with having moved away a month ago, that only leaves her live-in girlfriend as "family." I'm not worried about how I'll handle the holidays apart from her as much as worried about how she'll handle them.

But, even knowing that, I suspect I'm going to be on the road sometime during October or November, the timing really dependent only on the as-yet-mythical position in Largo.

Now, I have to go find a couple positions to apply for to keep those unemployment warrants a-comin' in. Logically, I guess I should be applying for ones in the SF Bay Area.

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