Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Errands and boxes

The morning was spent running around on various errands. I mailed the ELO box set I sold on eBay to someone in Britain (when all is said and done, I think I'll have made a whopping $12 on it, but what can you do). I deposited my unemployment check and rebalanced my check register. And I drove up and down a few blocks on Martin Luther King Boulevard looking for WMNF, our local community radio station, because I decided I'd solve my unwanted book problem by giving the books to them for an upcoming station book sale. All four boxes of books. Plus an Onkyo surround sound amplifier. (Not digital, but it's a better amp than many current models.) And a laserdisc player with a half-dozen laserdiscs, including a couple I never actually played.

I emailed Tugrik's friend/former boss about the San José position. Haven't heard back yet but that's not surprising, so I tell myself. Tug tells me that bossguy needs to talk with his business partner about things. (Hopefully the conversation isn't going to be, "You know, I don't think we really need to fill this position.")

I've found more comics. Will it ever end? Objectively I know that I still have far, far less than some friends of mine have or had--it's quite possible that my ex-roommate David still has many more comic books even after dumping much of his collection before his move to DC. I should take the time to properly sort them, but I don't know that I will, besides perhaps sorting them for "anthropomorphics," "anime," "crap" and "other." The "crap" section (mostly books that are in trashed condition or rightfully-forgotten independents) will get thrown out, some of the anthropomorphics may go to AAE's Anthropomorphic Fandom Repository and I'll attempt to find homes for the rest. (I have a list of what the AFR already has, but it looks like that list hasn't been updated in several years. I won't give them what I know they already have unless they're actively looking for duplicates, but they may get things I don't know they have.)

And, I packed another box today. Whoo! Okay, not a big accomplishment, but it was heartening to see how quick it was. (Admittedly it's all books, too, nothing fragile. I don't think I have a *lot* of fragile things, though--other than kitchenware and some of the electronics, the most fragile things are the glass-top tables that are going to Joel.)

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