Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Phone calls

I think the phone interview with the guy from Linvatec went well. That's no guarantee (I've had good rapport with people who still weren't interested in hiring me), but it's a good sign. I won't hear back anything until Wednesday at the earliest, which mean they probably won't do face-to-face interviews until the week of the 16th.

Meanwhile, Tugrik's mentioned a friend and former boss of his who's looking for a web designer around the San José area. That's also a contract position, and adjusted for cost of living it pays the same or a little less than the Linvatec one--but it's a six-month contract instead of a six-week one, and sounds like it has more potential of leading to permanent work. On the down side, while the San José one sounds like something I could certainly do, the guy might want someone with a different skill set (I haven't used GoLive, I've only remediated the atrocious HTML early versions of it generated). The Linvatec position is all stuff that I've actually done.

Counterbalancing that, I've used Dreamweaver and PageMill, so I'm not utterly clueless when it comes to the concept. I'm a quick learner. And the San José position is probably more interesting--although going after it might mean accelerating my moving schedule.

Every Saturday morning I call my mother--although since I've been unemployed, she's called me. I gave her the weekly update and she said, "So you'll leave your stuff with Kim while you're out playing in California, hmm?" --quickly followed by, "Oh, I'm just kidding" when I was silent. Even so, the conversation closed with a wish for luck with the Largo position--no mention of anything in California.

Unlike a lot of my friends, I'm on quite good terms with my mother--not just "good parent relations," but we're friends. But, I also know that she lived most of her life a relatively close distance to her mother; it's difficult for her to come to grips with the idea of me being on the other side of the country. (Ironic given that after she graduated college, her intent was to move to Arizona to work for the Indian Health Service.) Her distress forestalled me a few times in the past when opportunities arose; I can't say I regret not taking those chances . . . but I've always wondered.

These are still worries but they're not roadblocks any more, though. I'm already committed to moving. (And to the packing I haven't gotten my act together on, which is going to have to get serious work thrown at it next week. The packing feels like a roadblock, but the advantage of a deadline is that not figuring it out isn't an option--all this stuff will be unceremoniously moved onto the sidewalk come October 6 if it's still here!) I'm not committed to California, but I do have that voice going: you're 34, kid, so you've put off foolish adventuring for a decade and a half--if not now, when?

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