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Thanks to Apple's new ".mac" initiative (take what was free, expand it slightly and charge $99 a year), I've taken the opportunity to move my photo albums from Apple's hosting service over to my own ranea.org and to write my own equivalent to Apple's "slide show" script.


Mine isn't as pretty as Apple's, but it's a little more flexible in some ways (Apple's didn't provide a true index page, for instance), and it's nearly as easy to maintain. I can only say "nearly" because it's not integrated with iPhoto. Later I'll write a creation script, but the "manual" steps are just creating a directory of jpegs, adding a subdirectory of thumbnails to it and putting in two text files--one that has the album name and description in it, and the other that lists every jpeg in the proper order with photo captions.

One thing that mine doesn't do is work with browsers that don't support the W3C-standard DOM (Document Object Model) properly. And it won't look right on browsers that don't do a credible job of supporting CSS. (Neither will my LiveJournal styles, actually.) I know I have Unix-using friends who insist they have to stick to Netscape 4. Sorry, but Internet time marches on, kids. I've used Mozilla on three platforms and it's a fine browser (the Mozilla-based Chimera is my 'default' browser now), and Internet Explorer is more standards-compliant than Netscape 4 ever was. Yes, even when Netscape 4 was new. And it's not new anymore. Netscape 4 came out in June 1997 and the rendering engine in it hasn't appreciably changed.

And while I'm playing grumpy old man, turn on JavaScript. You don't like popups, get a browser like Mozilla that lets you disable them. Turning off all of JavaScript is throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Now to sit around and wait for the phone interview. As usual, I don't get nervous about such things until about an hour before the appointed time--then I start vibrating. Tugrik also mentioned a possible job lead with a former boss of his, which I'll see if I can get more information on in the afternoon.

It also just occurred to me that I haven't actually sent out any résumés this week. I started working on a couple on Wednesday, then yesterday became JavaScript Day. Something else to do in the afternoon. I refuse to send out résumés that are absolute no-chancers just to have something to put on the unemployment office record, so I may have to scramble a little.

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