Watts (chipotle) wrote,

The non-working vacation goes on

I've just finished dinner--a "Loose Pete" (seasoned loose ground beef on a bun, like a Sloppy Joe without sauce), a handful of chips and some homemade Waldorf salad. The salad's really a from-scratch job, since I made it to use up some mayonnaise I made late last week. It's also really good. Something to keep in mind, since I'm resolving to eat less meat than I have been. At least, once I get through the meat that I already have--now that the ground beef's gone, that leaves two frozen chicken breasts, frozen fish and bacon.

I still haven't gotten much packing done--I have to overcome the "there's so much to do!" reaction and just start boxing up stuff. I still don't know where all the furniture's going. Am I going to keep the overbearing entertainment center? Am I going to try to give the old metal school desk to the Salvation Army, or see if the friend I'm giving my living room furniture to wants it? And, yes, no writing done like I'd have liked. No more work on the damn story collection. This weekend, I promise myself; I'm giving the scanner to the friend I'm moving in with as payment for past debts, so I have a self-imposed deadline.

On the flip side, I wandered around a park a little today, and the Loose Pete notwithstanding, my menu's less of the "home-cooked fast food" style than it was last week. I'm still feeling porky but I'm feeling less lethargic. If I keep getting a little exercise and eating a little better, by next week I'll actually feel like I have energy again.

I got a call from Kelly IT Services, finally, saying that the people in Largo want to give me a call for a phone interview on Friday. (The "finally" really belongs to the company in Largo, of course--since Kelly would be making money by filling the order, they'd like to go much faster, too.) This contract would only run 1-2 months, as it turns out, but it'd pay $25 an hour--I definitely won't complain. Even at the shortest length I could knock down a nice chunk of credit card debt, and at the longer length I might be able to get my savings up to $5000 from its current $3500. In theory I should drop a lot of the savings I have now directly onto the credit card, but I have to juggle a few numbers around to see what makes the most sense. I'm nervous about having to live off the cards if I run out of savings, but that may actually make more sense financially than paying the interest now.

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