Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Your future is here today!

While digging through another box in the living room that mostly revealed still more comics (including a couple rare ones of perhaps dubious value, such as "Equine the Uncivilized" #1 and the first and only issue of Phil Foglio's "D'Arc Tangent"), I found a hard copy of the print advertisement for the Ishtar AFS.

The what, you may ask? In my now once again languishing novel In Our Image, part of the projected future--the part that's most integral to the story--includes "GMMs," genetically modified mammals, with a bit greater intelligence, dexterity, or other theoretically desirable features. The AFS series was a military project to create soldiers, later branched off into civilian versions of the extremely human-like cats.

When the earlier version of the story ran in YARF! this ad ran in a few issues before the story started, uncredited. I'm told they got a few queries about it.

Since I don't have the PageMaker original anymore (at least in a readable disk format), I scanned the ad and saved it as a relatively web-compatible graphics format. You'll have to excuse the moiré pattern in the grayscale, though.

Ishtar AFS ad

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