Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Today (just after I write this) it is off to northern Florida for a long daytrip, to see if friends and I can find the Florida Caverns state park. We will pretend we live in a state with hills.</p>

Work continues to be Chinese-curse interesting. The version control system always shows new ways it is misconfigured. The CTO has been getting sufficient pressure from executives that she has a "I'm not missing any deadlines" attitude, which of course means that stuff can get to testing before it's ready. In the past this has meant it gets out into the field before it's ready. The executives don't seem to have clued into the fact that most of the problems customers have with the boxes are precisely because they encourage this kind of attitude.

Of course, product testing knows they're under some suspicion, too, so they're trying to toss as much back as they can. "The contact information form doesn't check for valid phone numbers." Nothing looks at the contact screen--the information never gets sent anywhere, or indeed used for anything but being displayed on the contact info screen. We're supposed to deliver an entirely new GUI in less than two months. Is it just me, or shouldn't that mean that the only fixes that go into the current GUI should be things that actually fix problems? Oh well.

And, on a final note, the crazy system architect--who's proven himself of, ah, dubious technical knowledge, and cast strong suspicion on himself for theft at both our company and his previous employer--is not only still at the company, contrary to what executives were saying a month ago about his future, but is now in product management. I told the CTO that I could look at her resume for her if she liked, since I used to work on them at Kinko's/

On a more random note, ELO has come out with a new album, sort of. They were one of my favorite overproduced '70s bands (kind of a harbinger of the '80s, or a throwback to the Beatles' "Abbey Road," depending on how one looks at it). The new album is really more of a Jeff Lynne solo album in disguise, but unlike his previous solo efforts, it doesn't sound like the Traveling Wilburys. It's a sparer, less kitchen-sink style than ELO, but still sounds like ELO--although closer to the style of their later album "Secret Messages." Also like "Secret Messages," the single is the most annoying song on the CD ("Rock and Roll is King" 20 years ago, and "Alright" on the new release). If you like the late, less string-heavy ELO sound and would like an idea of what they might have sounded like 15 years later, though, the new CD "Zoom" gives a much better idea than the "ELO Part II" CDs the other members of the band put out after Lynne left.


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