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I spent today working from home rather than going in, ostensibly due to illness. It's true I didn't sleep well last night, but I think it's more a case of ennui. I'd have at least hoped to have gotten something productive done today, but unless one counts a load of laundry, the success is debatable. Despite the "working from home" part this will probably count as a sick day, since we don't have a real telecommuting policy. Given that for practical purposes I didn't do any office work, I can't complain--although the chances are high I wouldn't have gotten anything more done if I'd gone in.

I saw that NetPoodles has a new SEC filing--essentially just the 8-K ("current report") about the purchase of the network services company. Nothing unexpected, except the note that "the $3,750,000 in cash paid by Registrant [i.e., NetPoodles] to Seller was primarily obtained through equity financing and to a lesser extent from working capital." What working capital would that be again? Hopefully that's only the $400,000 deposit they paid a couple months ago. Going out of business now and taking the new division with them would be rather ironic. (Although as I've already observed, the logical thing to do in that situation would be dumping the division I'm at.)

I'm contemplating how best to go about applying for a technical writing position I've been told about in Oregon. More specifically, about how to write a good cover letter, and how to tailor my résumé with some precision, figuring out how to play up strengths. This is something I should come up with by Friday. To use my old standby phrase: I'll see what happens.

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