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You know, it's even harder than usual to actually get work done at work now, because I'm spending most of the time wondering when we're going to hear about money. When they'll say we got the financing. When they'll say we completed the deal to buy the network services division.

Or when they'll say, "stick a fork in this poodle, it's done!"

Like I said a few days ago, no news isn't good news. I'm not seeing press releases from NetPoodles or from the company they're trying to buy the division from. I've heard that Our Major Customer™ has a group that may eventually buy a thousand boxes from us. Eventually. See, we've finished their testing round successfully, so they want to roll out 50 boxes for a pilot project in August, and if that goes well, maybe 300 boxes in October, and if that goes well . . . .

But by my calculations, we're going through about $750K a month, and if we sold all 350 boxes with monitoring contracts in August, that'd be, well, about $750K total. And I figure we're entering this month with just under $650K. (While I don't know if my numbers are correct--I'm projecting forward from the last 10-Q, which reported through the end of March--the numbers I predicted for 1Q2002 were off by under 1%.)

--so while I'm still looking for work in my off hours, I'm beginning to think about how I'll go about looking for it when I have a lot of off hours.

I'm half-tempted to start selling possessions here, put the rest in storage, and see if there are people I can crash with in the San Francisco Bay area. I'm suspecting that I'd be employable as a local--just not as someone a company needs to pay to relocate. I've already written about liking the Pacific coast region, and particularly liking what I've seen around Northern California, and while it sounds odd to contemplate moving to Silicon Valley after the dotcom implosion, it's still where I'm seeing the most jobs in my skill areas. (I'm seeing a few more around Pennsylvania and Minnesota these days as runner-ups, interestingly enough.)

I mentioned the idea of moving just to see what's out there to Shaterri, and talked a bit about why I haven't--the obvious reasons, when it comes down to it: part of me really doesn't want to give up the friends I have here, the familiarity of a place I've lived twenty-odd years, know well, and--except for the summer heat and humidity--honestly really like. Part of me really likes the idea of a drier climate with mountains, deserts, and real forests, too, though; I have friends out there, and it'd be nice to search for a job that doesn't drive me nuts (or a job at all, if things collapse as predicted). Shaterri observed, "It is a huge step, and there's a lot of scary unknowns, but a lot of the scary knowns are frankly even worse."

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