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No news

Which is not to say good news. No news is not good news. No news is not bad news. No news is stasis.

The lack of news is the typical lack: no significant progress on writing, either short stories or the novel. No more work on the story collection. No useful* job leads.

No news from or about NetPoodles. The same lack of news from them, too: more comments from my supervisor about us definitely getting the financing. No press releases about getting financing, thus failing the canonical "show us the money" test. So we're still on the countdown clock.

The mood at the office has been frantic and stressed due to work other people are doing on projects related to "our major customer," as the press releases have it. I don't know what people think about the finances. Maybe they believe my supervisor, who's certainly a trustworthy guy. He's just passing on what he's been told, though.

I'm trying to rescue** my Intermedia 401K from WorldCom. Fortunately I didn't invest in Intermedia stock, which means nothing got rolled over into WorldCom stock. It's still losing value, though, like the rest of the stock market. Not sure what I can do about that other than leave it all in a money market account or some such, which seems a little silly--although perhaps not so bad in the short term.

*Useful in the sense of "leading to a job." I've gotten several contacts from recruiters, all for short-term contract positions.
**Rescue by rolling it over to an IRA, lest anyone think I'm talking about taking a direct cash distribution of it. I'm not desperate yet.

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