Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Two weeks and counting

Yesterday I had lunch with past and present coworkers from NetPoodles. The one who's still there with me and I are both wondering if the axe is going to fall on us, and if so, when--or if it'll fall on the whole company, of course. Our "guaranteed" funding still hasn't been announced, which means it hasn't actually been secured. June 30 creeps ever closer.

Today's been a quietly odd day, although not really a bad one. I dropped by one of my two writing groups, even though I don't have anything new to show them, then got some Fuji Reala film and headed out with my old SLR in search of things to photograph. I haven't done this in probably a year, and it shows--not necessarily in the pictures I took (I won't know that until I develop them) but in the pictures I didn't. I've lost what little knack I had for finding good pictures in non-obvious places. (The trip to Big Sur documented on my web photo album only really shows good pictures in obvious places; with some of those locations you'd almost have to make a concerted effort to take crappy shots.) I only ended up with four shots. Sometime soon--maybe even tomorrow--I'm going to head out to much closer places and just walk around looking for shots.

On my way back home I swung by a CompUSA that just opened, for no good reason. They had a "today only" special on the Olympus C-2100 digital camera, one that I'd been waffling over a few months back. No, I didn't buy it--it has many of the things I'm looking for, but it's only a 2-megapixel camera. It was tempting, though. I tell myself that digital cameras eventually pay for themselves in film processing costs. A Canon D60 is the equivalent of about 100 rolls of good 36-exposure print film plus development costs! Of course, any photographer will have an order of magnitude more crap in the 3600 digital shots in that comparison than in the 3600 film shots, precisely because the digital shots are "free."

Beyond that, I have my web design portfolio pieces to continue updating. Next up: replacing the Blue Coyote Salsa site with one that's more like a conventional shopping cart setup. While I'll be using Fireworks and Dreamweaver for the HTML side, I'm going to stick with Perl for the scripting; I can always stand a refresher course in it, and it'll be good to point to when I'm asked if I know how to do anything complex in Perl. After that comes the Flash résumé. Presuming I haven't gone nuts by then, I'll do the restaurant review site I've had in mind for a couple years, and try to learn JSP to do it in. (That should finish driving me nuts handily.)

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