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 It's time for my biennial "hey, I actually have a journal." Actually it's been more than two years over here on Dreamwidth, where I'm writing this; I've gone back to LiveJournal slightly more recently, because I still like their interface more. Given the turmoil over LiveJournal quietly relocating their servers to Russia (a report I was originally dubious about, but as MetaFilter notes, the traceroute is pretty clear), though, I'm reconsidering that. I didn't have the mistrust of SUP, the Russian company that bought LJ from Six Apart, that some users did; if anything, I think SUP put active effort into trying to fix the trust issues that Six Apart created, and my suspicion is that they wouldn't have made this move if they weren't being forced to by the Russian government. Of course, that makes the argument for no longer using them even greater. if I'm going to not be anywhere, it's probably better to not be here. As it were.

Having said that: holy hand grenades, does Dreamwidth look archaic compared to modern LiveJournal. I'm not suggesting LJ is an excellent example of clean, modern web work. But DW just looks so…2002. I'm sure there will be people popping up to argue that's a virtue rather than a flaw, and if that 15px default text size looks tiny and hard to read it's my fault for having a higher-resolution monitor than 1024×768. To those people I say, with love in my heart, zark off. There are many modern web design trends worth complaining about, but a much greater emphasis on readability and typography is not one of them.

Anyway: I doubt I'll really resume journaling here, but I'm going to try to check in more and see if anyone else I used to follow is here. If not...well, we'll see where things go, I guess.

(N.B.: If you are reading this on LiveJournal, it's because I'm crossposting there, like many other DW users do. I'm not sure if I'll keep that setting enabled, though.)
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