Watts (chipotle) wrote,

I skipped the writers' group that I normally go to on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. I haven't been feeling very creative, and what creative energies I do muster have gone into learning Studio MX. I've worked with earlier versions of all four programs, but only worked with Fireworks 3 extensively. ("MX" is Fireworks 5, Dreamweaver 5, Flash 6 and Freehand 10, although only Freehand is officially keeping its numerical version.) I've assigned myself two projects for my portfolio: a new external website for the fictitious Kumquat Communications, something that'll look fully professional and what I might dub "marketing-department compliant," and a Flash version of my portfolio index page--in effect, a Flash résumé. I'm still working on the script for the introduction sequence.

The only "callback" I've gotten (in quotes because it was an e-mail response) was from a recruiter in Sacramento. The position is one I'm qualified for . . . but I didn't know it was a two-month contract position. Unless it pays well enough for me to keep my apartment here while I'm staying in an efficiency out there--and still come out with money left over as a cushion--that isn't too promising. She did say telecommuting might be an option, but I'm not sure telecommuting over 3300 miles or so is going to be.

Meanwhile, there still isn't any new funding for NetPoodles that I've heard of. Tony was sounding relieved last Friday when he talked about us getting cash rather than just commitments this week--which implies he's been getting nervous about funding. Well, there's a day left in the week, and still three more weeks to go, right?

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