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Quiet around these parts

Updates since my last post, all the way back in April:

I did attend the novel writing workshop, and it was fantastic. The point of the exercise was, in a lot of ways, to tear down everyone's novel outlines and reconstruct them in stronger fashion. I was told that Kismet was too "thin" in the version I brought with me, which wasn't at all surprising--I'm good at novellas, and had more of a novella's worth of plot than a novel's worth. I ended up with new tools for visualizing plot structure, and with a stronger plot in its reconstructed form than what I had before. I'm still adding to that plot, and have started the rewrite of what I had. So far it's easier; in large part that's due to the workshop, and to some degree it's simply because I know more about the story now than when these scenes were first written (which I think was in 2012).

In my last post I was job hunting; now I am, in fact, employed full-time as a technical writer. I like this. It may give me enough distance from programming to start liking it again, too, which would be terrific.

Something I didn't mention, but should have: I have a new Ranea novella called "Going Concerns" in the FIve Fortunes anthology, which is five unrelated novellas from authors Phil Geusz, Renee Carter Hall, Mary E. Lowd, Bernard Doove, and me. It's nominally a mystery, although in a lot of ways it's more comedy. You can buy it from FurPlanet, and as near as I can tell nowhere else right now, and only in physical print form. I'll make an update here when the distribution expands.

I don't have any announcements about upcoming stories at this point; I'm long overdue at getting older ones into ebook form, and I'd like to say I'm working on that, but it's more fair to say I'm thinking about working on that. A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood is overdue for an ebook release, for instance, and there are some other Ranea stories that could be polished up. (Maybe. Most of the old ones really aren't all that good, to be honest about it, but maybe they can form the basis of new ones.)

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