Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Further Confusion 2013

So, Further Confusion 2013 has come and gone, and with it a few notable events for me:

  • The release of “Indigo Rain
  • My first reading since Eurofurence 14 (!)
  • Oh yes, running FurCon’s writing track
  • A lot of alcohol

Everything seems to have gone really well from those standpoints. It sounds like FurPlanet sold about two dozen copies of “Rain,” which may not sound barn-burning but I’m pretty happy with it. (Look for information about an ebook release, er, eventually. Sooner rather than later. There’s a non-zero chance the ebook will not have Sabretoothed Ermine’s great interior sketches, though.) I got positive feedback on the writing track from both attendees and the con committee. While I didn’t pull the reading off flawlessly—and I’m not likely to be recruited by Audible.com any time soon—overall, it was pretty smooth.

Also, I will probably not be drinking for the next week.

As I mentioned on Twitter, my current job is being phased out, switching from full-time to part-time at the end of the month. (I confess my enthusiasm for the work has already phased out, although the job loss is due to the company’s finances, not my performance.) This may or may not give me more time to work on my personal writing projects like the glacially-developed science fiction novel I’ve been hammering on since roughly 1858, tentatively entitled Kismet, as well as a couple new pieces I’ve been playing around with and the hopefully-soon-reviving Claw & Quill Magazine—but one of my definite goals for 2013 is to get both of those specific projects launched.

I also have a subject I may want to rant about, but I’ll decide later. (In short form, I’m considering how to compare and contrast “giving a small press book a negative review” and “shoving your junk in a light socket and screaming on YouTube for seven minutes.” The differences are subtle, but I think they’re important.)

(Originally published at Coyote Prints)


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