Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Indigo Rain Preview 2

The conclusion to Indigo Rain’s preview is up now, in three places—

Right Here!

And, of course, SoFurry and Fur Affinity. (Why not Weasyl? Keep reading if you care.) While I don’t like to be so gauche as to cheerlead for myself, it helps visibility immensely on SoFurry to have stories favorited. And ideally given high star ratings, but only favorites count for popularity. Things should still be on track for a release at Further Confusion this year.

So: Weasyl has fascinating issues. Like FA, you can embed BBCode in uploaded text files, so [I]italics[/I] become italics, except it has to be [i]italics[/i] because their parser is case-sensitive. They have a WYSIWYG text editor you can write stories in, which creates uppercase BBCode, but goes through its own parser for conversion to HTML. Unlike Weasyl’s (other) parser, this one creates <i> tags for italics instead of <em> tags, and Weasyl has a bug in its CSS which turns italics with the <i> tag invisible. Yes. Oh, and Weasyl doesn’t handle UTF-8 text in uploaded files, so “risqué” gets turned into “risqué”. I really do want to love Weasyl but it’d be nice if they’d make it just a wee bit easier. I’ve mentioned all these things in a forum post there, so hopefully they’ll be fixed soon.

(Originally published at Coyote Prints)


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