Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Indigo Rain Preview

The first few thousand words of “Indigo Rain” are now posted, for those interested in reading it. The blurb-esque description (which I suppose could be “punched up” for More Blurb Action, but what the hell):

A raccoon street performer finds herself drawn into a dangerous plot after a private dance turns into a terrifying encounter. In the opening chapter, we meet Roulette and learn about her life in Achoren, a northern country within the empire of Ranea.

Read it right here.

Also, if you’re watching me on Fur Affinity or SoFurry, then you’ll see it posted there as well. (And if you’re on one of those sites and you aren’t watching me, now would be an excellent time to start, wouldn’t it?)

As I realize that I haven’t mentioned this here definitively, only in vaguely handwavy fashion: the full version of “Indigo Rain” will be released in print for FC2013, with cover and interior artwork by Sabretoothed Ermine.

(Originally published at Coyote Prints)


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