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I’ve never been particularly well-organized. I keep saying I’m going to get better at it, but the chances are I’m lying. I’m firmly into middle age, and while I don’t believe you can’t teach old dogs coyotes new tricks the truth is that when you’ve had the same bad habits for a quarter-century it requires non-trivial effort to keep those habits from getting worse. I’ll be happy if I can just stick to “write something new every day” as mentioned in my last post, but as I said there, that’s spotty. A major part of my problem in Getting Things Done™ is distractability. There’s always something else to focus on. I’d love to blame that on something fashionable like ADHD—when I was diagnosed with it, they still called it “hyperactivity”—but I’m pretty sure that it’s more that there’s just a lot more to distract me these days than there was 25 years ago. Most of this has to do with something called the Internet. You may have heard of it. The reason I sometimes feel more productive taking the laptop off to Harry’s Hofbrau is, I’m sadly confident, that Harry’s has no wifi.

But, enough of that! I’m going to document my current projects here as much for my benefit as yours—although if you never hear of any of these again for months, feel free to guilt trip me about them, because dammit.


These are in order of priority and/or likely appearance to the world at large.

Indigo Rain. A new Ranea novella, after (ahem) let’s just say a really long time. This one is through rough draft and currently clocks in at 26,500 words—a little longer than A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood. A dark and twisted plot, underlying racial politics, unhappy main characters—I’m waiting for the call from David Fincher’s people any minute.

Untitled Science Fiction Novel. I’ve been referring to this as The River, which is the name of its setting—although “The River” is actually an area in space occupied by dozens of space stations and at least one ringworld (circling a dwarf planet, not a sun). A salvage operator and kind of a “space bum” gets caught up in a conspiracy that spans several states, several corporations and several AUs.

Going Concerns. A Ranea novelette that got started way, way long ago and abandoned—if you’re one of the three people on the planet who remember my one contribution to Rowrbrazzle, you’ve read an early version of this piece’s start. I actually finished its first draft a couple years ago and never got back to a rewrite after the writing group’s critique, but I’m hoping to find something to do with it. (Very) loosely inspired by the old TV show “Moonlighting.”

The next Hisae story. If you’ve read “The Narrow Road in Morning Light” you may have thought that it read like it could have been the first in a series. Yeah. Sigh.

A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood. Wait, didn’t I already write this? Yes, but there may be a rewrite in store. Yes yes yes, it worked pretty well the first time. But Dahlu—the third character in the Mika & Revar triangle—is really underwritten, and that’s bothered me for years. (And let’s face it, unless you’ve been in the fandom for a couple decades yourself you haven’t read the original version anyway.)

The Ranea wiki. Promise not to tell anyone? After writing a dozen or so stories in this fantasy world, I still have no sourcebook for it, and if I go back to the old stories, boy howdy can I tell. I’ve started collecting information in a VoodooPad document, streamlining some things, answering questions when they come to me, and arbitrarily reconciling conflicts. (This started during the writing of “Indigo Rain,” by the way, so it’s going to reflect the most current set of Ranean truths.) When/if this starts to actually get useful—and if it doesn’t reveal anything that’s supposed to remain sekrit—I’ll probably put it up here.

Other Projects

As I’ve been trying to focus more on writing itself, these have been pushed to the background.

Claw & Quill. Shut up, man. Okay, yes: something may still yet happen with this, but I’ve been rethinking my original concept from the ground up, because “like other archive sites but better” stopped sounding compelling a while ago. More about this eventually. Maybe. Don’t hold your breath.

Stagecraft. An as-yet vague design for bringing MU*s into the 2000s. Really don’t hold your breath.

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