Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Why Coyotes Howl ePub


Eventually, it should be pushed to the Apple and B&N store, too.

For the record, uploading to Lulu is weirdly kludgy—it required five tries to upload the cover image, even though it was in exactly the format and dimensions they wanted—and while they theoretically give you 90% rather than the 70% of Amazon and Apple, that’s 90% after they take out a “base price” of 99¢ to cover their hosting and bandwidth costs. For the record, Amazon also deducts “delivery costs” for ebooks, but they’re charging 5¢ for it.

I really hope Smashwords pulls its head out of its ass and lets authors upload natively in EPUB format. The only thing that keeps me from using them is the Microsoft Word requirement. (I not only don’t write in Word, I don’t even own Word.)

(Originally published at Coyote Prints)

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