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Why Coyotes Howl (the return)

Back in the dark ages—well, 2004—I decided I’d put together a short story collection. By that time I’d had a fair number of things published in small press and fan outlets, with a few kind and personal rejections from major outlets—the most recent of which had been for the story that became the collection’s title piece, “Why Coyotes Howl,” described twice with thanks-I-think phrasing (“this story is worth publishing, just not here”). I’d debated continuing to pursue professional publication, which might net me upwards of $300 and increase my name recognition by an amount just above a rounding error. Or, I could send it to a fairly new small press publishing company started by people I’d worked with before that would have a smaller audience, but probably one more willing to fork over $16 for a fairly thin collection in trade paperback form.

So: off to Sofawolf it went, published in January 2005.

Because that was, as I said, the dark ages, Sofawolf didn’t buy electronic publishing rights—those remained with me. Over the last few months I’ve been fiddling at putting together an ebook version of the collection, using my own somewhat arcane EPUB creator, Bookbind. And, finally it’s out!

It’s only available through Amazon, as I’ve enrolled it in their “Kindle Digital Publishing Select” program as an experiment—this means it’ll be possible for Kindle owners to rent it, but Amazon gets a 90-day exclusive. After that period is over, I’ll see about selling it in other places—tentatively, I’m planning to make it available through Lulu as a DRM-free EPUB, which should work on, well, anything that accepts EPUBs (basically, everything but the Kindle). The Kindle edition is also DRM-free.

The digital edition is only $3.99. And, if you’ve read it before, there are two new stories that weren’t in the print edition, both from convention program books around 2008. (One of them, “Carrier,” was reprinted in Alone in the Dark, a 2009 horror anthology.)

If you’ve read it—in either print or digital form—I’d like to politely nudge you toward reviewing it on Amazon. Especially if you liked it, of course. So far it only has two reviews from the print edition.

Why Coyotes Howl on Amazon (UK DE FR)

(Originally published at Coyote Prints)


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