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A writing blog

So I’ve been thinking about starting a writing blog. I’m not sure whether it’ll be a separate thing that gets cross-posted to the LiveJournal—that was my original intent, but nothing’s set as of yet—or if I’ll just start blathering about writing exclusively on LJ.

This doesn’t mean I won’t post somewhat more personal things either way—and that I might not still post friends-only things to LJ when the desire really comes up—but it’d be a way to get the LJ somewhat kickstarted again.

I do find myself with a curious dilemma, though. I’d like to be able to talk about my writing blog on my Twitter account, as I do have a fair number of followers in the fandom. However, I also have a fair number of followers in the tech world at this point, too—other bloggers, editors in the tech press, developers. Pointing to a writing blog that is going to have clearly “furry” material in it could be… fascinatingly eyebrow-raising. That’s an argument for keeping the LiveJournal entirely separate.

Then again, I’ve been saying for years that furry fandom’s PR problems stem in part from the way furry fans who, well, aren’t the kind who create PR problems refuse to self-identify. Sam Conway appears to be pretty well known as a furry and I’m not aware of it having caused any insurmountable issues for him. And frankly, if you put the name “Watts Martin” into a web search engine, my Wikifur page is going to be among the first hits, so in a certain sense that battle is over—one might argue that it’s better that I own it.


  • Just stay on LJ, or start a new blog and cross-post here?
  • Post a link to the writing blog occasionally on Twitter and hope the tech nerds don’t freak out, or find non-Twitter ways to advertise to the fans? (A second Twitter account for furry stuff is possible but that ship has kind of sailed already, given the mishmash of fans and techies already following.)
  • And, if I do go ahead and do this, what should I write about?

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