Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Okay, it's been over a month. Sorry 'bout that.

Very little to report on the writing front, save being pointed to a creative writing job--one of the only times I've seen something like that advertised. I don't know if I'm what the company is looking for, or vice-versa. And they're nearly in the other corner of the country: Spokane, Washington. (I'd marginally prefer being all the way in the other corner: I at least know a couple people in Seattle.)

But: like I said, you don't see jobs like this advertised too often, and I don't think I can pass up not taking a chance. After all, applying isn't a commitment to move--it leaves the ball in their court for a callback.

It does leave me thinking about what it would take to get me to make such a move, though. Would I insist that they pay for my relocation? If it was a job I really wanted would I take a pay cut?

And it leaves me thinking about this job. Since I last wrote about it, the CTO with the clue has left, and things are settling back to the state of disarray they'd been in before she got here. The new GUI design I was working on has been forgotten, to focus on a homebrew network management system that's being designed in a way that reminds me of the joke about blind men trying to describe an elephant. Some of the design stupidities in what they have so far are staggering; other developers have the attitude that since what they have is also so minimal and vague, the problems can be solved through our "artistic license." I'm not buying it. Oh, yes, the crazy system architect referred to earlier is on the "new" product management team, which is in charge of the asylum.

But the job market obviously isn't any better than it was this time last year when I was thinking about leaving Intermedia. It's not much worse for me in this area, simply because my Unix-biased qualifications aren't what most Tampa employers want for web programmers. But my chances of getting paid relocation for web work are much, much slimmer now.

So for now I keep working here, and hope more interesting things happen before something blows up, I suppose.


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