Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Comment screening

Because of morons who have been registering LiveJournal accounts and inexplicably bombing my older entries with Russian spam, I have had to ratchet down the comment permissiveness -- now everyone who isn't a LiveJournal "friend" will be screened. I will change it back when I can, but I've had three rounds of this now in two days.

I can't figure out the rationale, because they're not links and translations don't suggest that they're keywords. Is there some benefit to posting pointless crap in Russian on old LJ posts?

At any rate, I'm hoping that if the rationale -- assuming there is one -- involves actually being, y'know, web searchable, screening comments will do it. Otherwise I may have to make commenting friend-only.

Granted, I'm mostly writing on Coyote Tracks these days (and even that's been a bit neglected), but this still irks me on general principle.
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