Watts (chipotle) wrote,

EF16 approaching

So, I’m heading off to Eurofurence next week with jadedfox, leaving on Tuesday afternoon here and arriving Wednesday at Later Than I’d Like. (We get into Hanover at 6:30 pm.)

This is not a particularly well-planned trip; I ended up with two plane changes on the way out and a six-hour layover in Frankfurt, which irks me because I didn’t notice how long it was until after I’d bought the tickets. Otherwise, I would have just gotten train tickets to go between Frankfurt and Magdeburg, rather than waiting six hours for a brief flight to Magdeburg and then taking the train from there. The travel company tells me that if I just blow off that last segment and take the train anyway, they’ll cancel my return tickets. Lovely of them.

Also, despite talking to cheetah_spotty at Anthrocon about helping out with panels I forgot to actually, you know, write to panel coordinators to offer to help out, so the best I can do is show up at panels and be one of those annoying guys in the audience who talks too much. Yay!

Even so, I’m looking forward to the trip and seeing people I haven’t seen since, well, the last Eurofurence. I’m not sure which of my European friends and acquaintances are going to be there, honestly, but I’m sure some of you shall be.

I’ll be easy to spot, because I’m the guy who looks more or less like me.

…okay, I’ll also probably be wearing a badge or two. Look for “Chipotle.”


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