Watts (chipotle) wrote,

It's been another none-too-productive week at the ranch, but a fairly nice last few days nonetheless.

Yesterday I stayed home sick, but after having a surprising recovery in the afternoon (cough), I wandered about a few stores looking at Things To Eventually Purchase. Actually, in one case, the absence of things to eventually purchase: I'm still contemplating a digital camera, but not contemplating any of the ones I could find in stores, with the possible exception of the Sony DSC-F707. When I break down and get one it's likely to be an SLR.

The other thing I'm contemplating is a Nintendo GameCube. Why? I'm not entirely sure. I enjoy playing computer games sometimes--but usually in short doses. My PC isn't powerful to play modern computer games and I don't really want to commit to a huge online multiplayer mega-adventure. And, even if I did, upgrading the PC would cost almost as much as a GameCube anyway--a video card that doesn't suck is over $100, and a Celeron 433 processor is, by game standards, at the trailing edge of technology.

At the same time I'm thinking of getting more gadgets, I'm contemplating getting rid of a couple I already have. The scanner I got a couple months ago is a great scanner, but I have to face facts--for the use I'm likely to get out of it, I might as well scan the remaining film that I want digitized, sell this one and get a $99 flatbed. I'd also been considering selling my DVD player--it's progressive scan, DVD-Audio, DTS, and probably a few other buzzwords I'm forgetting. But I almost never watch DVDs.

Both of these purchases are ones I might well not have made if I'd been honest with myself beforehand. The scanner was mostly a purchase to convince myself not to get a digital camera--but, well, if I want to get 35mm film into my computer, I can get it "developed" to CD at most places now at a resolution at least as high as the flatbed could do it. And the DVD player purchase was made in blithe denial of the extreme lack of use I got from my laserdisc player. I told myself that was because I'd had the misfortune to get into laserdiscs as they were on their way out. And I did. But the main reason, I think, is that I just don't have much inclination to collect movies I've already seen and watch them over and over.

Unfortunately, I've confirmed that my PowerBook really sucks eggs as a DVD player connected to the TV, so my idea of using it as a replacement for occasional viewing won't pan out. I should be able to get $300 for the scanner (new two months ago it was $400), but I'll be lucky to get $150 for the DVD player, I suspect, which may make it not worth the effort--replacing it won't give me any profit.

Today, John Cooner and I wandered out to downtown Orlando and the Fringe Festival to see Toxic Audio, an a capella group that John told me about a couple weeks ago. They're a pretty amazing combination of singing group and comedy troupe. After that we went to a taqueria called Tijuana Flats. Pretty good food, and with a hot sauce bar--with serious hot sauces--rather than a salsa bar.

After that I stopped by Herbie Bearclaw's with John, but decided to bow out of watching "Dead Alive," an old Peter Jackson movie which is apparently considered one of the goriest films ever made. I'm told that in context it's kind of a witty spoof of gore movies, but my gore tolerance tends to be pretty low, so I bowed out. The night ended on a cheerfully surreal note at a rest stop, as I noted the security guard pulling up in a pickup-bed camper marked "Rest Stop Security" and getting out to strike up a conversation with two people at a picnic table who obviously not only knew him but were apparently expected. Questions: does the security guard sleep in the camper when he's not on duty? Does he live on site? And are those two people he talked to rest stop regulars?

Tomorrow (technically "later today") I should really see about writing some more. Yesterday I did get a few hundred words written on my current story, at least. I'll have to decide whether I'm coherent enough to try to do something with Mom for Mother's Day, too.

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